About Us

DIPAL PATEL is a young, vibrant, skillful Gujarati-Indian lady who has understanding world how to make good delicacies for the nourishment of the body system.In the juxtaposition, she did specialization in baking from well known institute of Ahmadabad, she is an award winner of “Mallika-E-Kitchen” and her few episodes are broadcasted on several TV shows in her credit. In spite of her brilliant academic carrier as master in Computer Engineering and currently director of Charotar Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. — Pioneer Publishers of Engineering Textbooks.DIPAL PATEL, is not just a narrowed knowledge young lady as she is got several abilities, vibrant and hardworking. One of her uncommon gifts is her knowhow on cooking of meals that defines not just your taste, also your nourishment. From her cooking passion mixed with skill commence her recipe brand named LAPID RECIPE
LAPID RECIPE is a community that provides a service that aims at bringing to your viewing pleasure the cooking experience, skill and gift of a master cook who does cooking with a great pleasure and perfection to teach, train and equiped.DIPAL PATEL will be taking you on series of teachings, practically proven to assist you in your kitchen skills 5 to 6 days in every month. She is an expert in rendering cooking services in mocktails, baking and several kinds of delicacies such as Dry snacks, Indian sweets, Salads, Starters, India fast foods, International recipes, Soups, Baking recipes, Gujarati recipes.